Transactions with securities

Transactions with securities

In 2009 the Bank received licenses issued by the State Commission for Securities and Stock Market for performing professional activity in the stock market: securities depositary activity and securities trading (brokerage), which allows the bank to engage in a new sphere of customer service. Further on the Bank is a client of such depositaries in Ukraine as PJSC «All-Ukrainian Depositary of Securities», OJSC «National Depositary», and the depositary of the National bank of Ukraine. Currently the Bank may offer its customers the following servicing of securities:

  • opening securities account (for private individuals and legal entities);
  • safe custody of securities at own account;
  • safe custody of securities;
  • receipt of income from securities registered at the securities account and subsequent transfer of such income to the current accounts of the owners;
  • providing customers with information on the securities registered at the account;
  • buying-selling securities by order and at the expense of the customer, including purchase-sale of shares and debentures (corporate, municipal, state bonds);
  • purchase-sale of promissory notes by order and at the expense of the customer;
  • purchase of shares by the order and at the expense of the customer;
  • providing customers with services and custody of government bonds;
  • performing other operations classified by law as depositary activity or securities trade.

Further on the bank provides services related to guarantees and avalization of promissory notes.

The Bank is capable to analyze the case of guaranty faster then other banks, which in the event of positive decision allows issuing guarantees to customers on beneficial terms. The main criteria when issuing guarantees include liquid collateral, customer’s solvency and business reputation.

Promissory notes are avalized and guarantees are granted promptly and on mutually beneficial terms.

The Bank offers a new product of raising funds by means of securities. For this purpose the Bank issues saving (deposit) certificates payable to bearer. Saving certificate to bearer combines the properties of a deposit and a security paper which is highly protected and liquid. It has a number of advantages over conventional deposits, in particular: interest rate is fixed, saving certificate may be sold on a secondary market, presented to a third party or used as a collateral for a loan.

Tariffs for securities safe custody services of JSC «COMINVESTBANK»:

Tariffs for T-bills safe custody services of JSC «COMINVESTBANK»:

Tariffs for securities safe custody services of JSC «COMINVESTBANK» for issuers:

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