Money transfers

Money transfers

In order to provide private individuals with maximum quality and fast services JSC «COMINVESTBANK» provides an express and high-quality service of money transfer to any point of the world through international and domestic payment systems with or without opening an account, in the national and foreign currencies, in favor of private individuals and legal entities, within the territory of Ukraine and abroad, namely:

Money transfer is one of the most common banking services, due to availability of conveniently located customer service centers for receiving and sending money transfers (more than 40 branches of the bank) and owing to the reliability, promptness, maximum efficiency and low cost of the service. The high security level of the systems ensures guaranteed payment of the transfer to the beneficiary.

Bank public offer for the agreement conclusion on the financial services provision in the part of the Bank's cash transactions through transferring the funds without opening a current account (DOC) 

Procedure (conditions) for transferring the funds in the Bank (DOC) 
Western Union

Western Union – the fastest way to transfer money worldwide. Money is available within minutes after their transfer. Western Union services points are located exactly where you need them: in banks, post offices, supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, airports, railway stations and elsewhere.

Western Union transfers from such countries as Italy, Spain, Portugal are paid in Euros.

Fees dropped significantly in 2010.


Money Gram performs money transfers to 190 countries of the world within 15 minutes.

All charges are paid by the sender of the money.

Money may be sent and received both in Euro and in US dollars.
Free telephone information support for customers inside MoneyGram system within Ukraine - 0-800-50-88-50


S.W.I.F.T. (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) is a international interbank system for transferring the information and payments. The system allows transfers in foreign currency to any country of the world for the benefit of both individuals and legal entities with or without using the current account.

The S.W.I.F.T. system advantages are:
• system is available worlwide;
• the system provides exact delivery of payment;
• opportunity to transfer great sum of money;
• ability to send money to both individuals and legal entities.

S.W.I.F.T. payments are comfortable:
- to pay for education and training in schools of another state, the cost of the tests, exams, etc.;
- for booking the hotel rooms;
- to pay for goods, work, services acquired from non-residents abroad for domestic consumption;
- to pay for treatment in medical institutions of another state as well as to pay for the transportation of patients;
- to pay for participation in international seminars, conferences, exhibitions, sporting events and more.

Commission is 0.5% from the transfer amount in UAH by NBU on the day of transfer: minimum - 20.00 U.S. Dollars, maximum - 200.00 U.S. Dollars.


Welsend is the international system of the money transfers for individuals that allows you to make transfers within Ukraine and between Ukraine and Georgia in quick, reliable and profitable way.

Welsend system is represented in 742 customer service points in 183 cities of Ukraine and Georgia.

Welsend system allows transfers in four currencies: UAH, USD, Euro and Russian ruble.

The Welsend system allows you transferring money to any payment card issued by the Ukrainian issuing bank.

Intel Express

 Intel Express is a worldwide money transfer system operating in more than 90 countries global with 57 000 locations.

The company Intel Express is currently focused towards development of principal international corridors. It has already own service network in Greece, Georgia, UK and Italy. The money transfers can be made in US dollars, Euros and russian rubles.

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