Philanthropists organize a special workshop cafe in Uzhhorod.


Charitable Foundation "EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE" and Public Association "Country Creators" made an interesting initiative for creating a workshop cafe in the regional center of Transcarpathia, where people with disabilities and their family members are able to work.

The idea started for active transforming into an ambitious project after participation in events on the occasion of Uzhhorod city day celebrating when philanthropists joined the arrangement of the "Golden hearts of Silver Land" on the "Sweet Street", where anyone could taste products made by the "social enterprise". Thanks to the support of COMINVESTBANK, the Foundation was able for presenting this social project and its own chocolate products not only in Uzhhorod, but also outside Transcarpathia, including at the fair in the capital. The presentations were successful and the philanthropists received the first orders for making sweet products from private entrepreneurs and owners of coffee houses. So they decided not to dwell on the laurels at the Foundation, but to continue developing the idea.

The project involves the organization of a social enterprise in the form of a workshop cafe with a confectionery shop in Uzhhorod. People with disabilities and other socially disadvantaged groups will be involved for working in the cafe. Moms and their children will also be able to work here for staying near them, enjoying unity and supporting each other. According to philanthropists, the planned number of jobs is 40 people, they plan providing jobs for 15 people with disabilities. The leased space will allocate a cafe with a capacity of 72 people (12 tables), and it will accommodate a community center for various social events aimed at psychological and social adaptation of people with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups of the population. The cafe is oriented to both residents and guests of our tourist city.

This ambitious idea was perceived by COMINVESTBANK with enthusiasm and has already been involved with the first steps towards its implementation.

If you wish for joining this good case, please contact CF "EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE"! Let's make it together!

Philanthropists organize a special workshop cafe in UzhhorodPhilanthropists organize a special workshop cafe in UzhhorodPhilanthropists organize a special workshop cafe in Uzhhorod

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