Experiment: smartphones and tablets instead of cash registers


The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (hereinafter – SFSU) included 8 newest models of software and hardware complexes intended for registration of settlement transactions.

As SFS explains, these models will be used by users of the pilot project on the introduction of innovative technological solutions for the registration of settlement transactions in the field of trade (including Internet commerce), catering, foreign currency purchase and sale, trade through automated sales of goods (services) , provision of cash withdrawal services for further transfer, passenger transportation, etc.

This list includes the latest models of seven domestic participant companies involved to the pilot project and the system “E-Receipt (E-cheque) Electronic cheque", developed by the SFSU.

The basis of the "E-Receipt (E-cheque) Electronic cheque" is the principle of obligatory online e-fiscalization the cheques located on the SFSU server.

This system is an alternative one to the traditional cash registers, since it can be used for registration of the settlement transactions and it's free for users.

The functional components of the E-Receipt system allow both for the business entity seller using personal computers, tablets, smartphones, registering settlement transactions, as well as transmitting reporting information (cheques, z-reports) to the SFSU and for the buyer viewing the cheques containing information inside the Electronic cabinet.

It can be integrated both with other SFSU systems and user's accounting software programs.

The newest models, included in the cash registers State Register, are offered for use in the test mode for all economic entities having interest as to participation in the pilot project.

The pilot project will last until December 31, 2019.

Based on project results the Finance Ministry will decide on the newest models that won't be out registration, and accordingly, will be recommended for industrial exploitation.

Follow the link with the cash registers State Register that includes the newest models.

We would like to remind that in October 2018, Finance Ministry simplified the rules of working with cash registers. Due to this, entrepreneurs can register cash registers and have less paper.

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