The COMINVESTBANK awarded as «Choice of the Year 2016».


These days the organizing committee of the National independent business award «Choice of Ukraine» published the results of the competition in 2016.

The COMINVESTBANK awarded as «Choice of the Year 2016».

The Transcarpathian СOMINVESTBANK has appeared among this year's winners as well.

By the way, the ranking program «Choice of Ukraine 2016» had been launched in 2013 and aimed to encourage businesses and entrepreneurs not only to care about the profitability of their own businesses, but to strengthen the state's economy as well as to pay honestly the taxes and the contributions to the social and pension funds, to care about their employees, to create jobs, to implement the new technologies and to create a new type of economy that is not based on the natural resources, but on the professionalism instead.

So according to experts estimates, the COMINVESTBANK, the only Transcarpathian bank, which has been demonstrating the stability and professionalism in work during 24 years as well as developing dynamically (41 branches the Transcarpathian region, 2 branches in the city of Kyiv, branches in Lviv, Odessa and Dnipro), has got the specified award too.

In addition, COMINVESTBANK has got the peer evaluation review and National Certificate «Golden hands» as part of the competition.

The honorary awards have taken their place among the perennial achievements of the Transcarpathian bank.

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