Open lead economist position


Open position (part-time condition):

Banking Risk Department Lead Economist (Internal Appraiser)


  • carrying out on a regular basis the property value verification that the bank has received/intends for receiving as collateral, the property that the bank has acquired/intends for acquiring as property to repay the debt of the debtor/counterparty;
  • back-testing the property value (comparing the value of each sold property to the value of its last estimation after each such selling);
  • development of internal bank documents on verification of the property value;
  • providing reports on the realized both back-testing and verifying the property value.

Requirements to the applicant:

  • higher economic education;
  • availability of the appraiser's qualification certificate, including the expert monetary valuation of land plots;
  • experience in banking is welcome.

Send your CV to:

For detailed information call +380 312 61-98-40.

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