A new book about the Mathematics Faculty of UzhNU published


"The one who doesn't know his past isn't worthy of any future, the one who doesn't know his ancestors glory isn't worthy of any honour", this statement by Maksym Rylsky is now more actual then ever.

Indeed, knowing and remembering the history of their own country and those who paved the way we're going today is the duty of every conscious citizen.

These important ideas are actively being implemented on the spaces of the Mathematics Faculty of UzhNU, so the third book about both the faculty and people who wrote its history from the foundation day to present time has already been published last summer. The basic data about 179 teachers of not only Mathematics, as well as those faculties where our graduates spread math disciplines in the edition under the title "Teachers mathematicians and graduates mathematicians of Uzhgorod University" have been given. The edition highlight is also that it contains photos of majority of 6819 graduate mathematicians (in 2016).

Many teachers, students and graduates of the faculty have joined the book preparation, because they had to work out a lot of archival documents, to find the necessary photos, to create a site with the location of these data in digital form to get a full view.

The idea was supported by Transcarpathian COMINVESTBANK, where, by the way, there are a lot of graduates from Math Faculty. The Bank has sponsored publishing this book within cooperation program with UzhNU.

It's available to everyone now: you can learn about it in the university library, as well as in the dean's office of the Mathematics Faculty. For detailed reviewing the materials follow the link of the created site:

A new book about the Mathematics Faculty of UzhNU publishedA new book about the Mathematics Faculty of UzhNU published

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