When going on vacation, take care of the safety of your values



When going on vacation, take care of the safety of your values


The time of summer rest, interesting journeys, long-awaited meetings and pleasant impressions are already in climax. However, according to sad statistics, the number of robberies increases definitely during this period, so you won't be superfluous for taking care about the safety of your own valuables ​​when you're gonna on vacation.

COMINVESTBANK will gladly come to your aid in this matter. The bank offers services to its customers using bank cells.

The storages (deposit boxes) of the COMINVESTBANK, located in the bank's branches, are under round the clock security and equipped with armored doors, a modern alarm system and video surveillance. You can keep almost everything that is valuable to the client inside the bank "cells". Usually we are talking about money, securities, important documents, seals, jewelry, precious metals, works of art, antiques and much more.

The convenient and spacious storage, as well as flexible working schedule of the bank will make visiting your own safe deposit box comfortable and affordable.

Transcarpathian COMINVESTBANK offers its clients a wide range of options in choosing the necessary bank safe: you can choose its size and the term of use according to your own needs..

If you are interested in this suggestion, or if you have any additional questions, please contact the nearest branch of COMINVESTBANK, or call the number: : +380 312 61-98-38.

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