Service quality

Service quality


Dear Customers!

JSC «COMINVESTBANK» cherishes its customers and makes everything possible in providing service for each of you to be more comfortable and convenient.

If you have any suggestions as to the quality of service in JSC «COMINVESTBANK» please let us know by selecting one of the following points by:

The following information when making a formal application is required:

  • full name,
  • residence,
  • the issue raised essence,
  • the applicant's signature,
  • hit date.

The citizen's enquiries are provided and resolved within no more than 1 month from the date of receipt by the Bank, according to the Law  «On the Citizens' enquiries» (more detailed information in the Memorandum of citizens' enquiries).

In addition to the right for submitting enquiry to the Bank as to the bank's activities, customer has the right to make enquiry to the National Bank of Ukraine as to resolving the issues raised in the enquiries, including cases when the bank didn't provide a reply to the enquiry within the enquiries consideration deadline set by the legislation of Ukraine or the received reply didn't satisfy the customer.

Information as to citizens enquiries consideration by the National Bank of Ukraine is available on the official website of the National Bank at in the section «Enquiries from Citizens».


Submission of an enquiry to the bank or to the National Bank can't deprive the Customer's right to appeal to the Court in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine as to protecting his rights and interests.

You can find out the information on the application submitted to the bank by calling the bank and by notifying the incoming letter registration number: +38 (0312) 61 98 04 (cost of call is according to your carrier's rates).


Citizens personal reception

Bank leaders are authorized to carry out citizens personal reception in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On the Citizens' enquiries". The citizens personal reception is carried out via an appointment in the citizens personal reception registration log in reception room on the 4 floors at the address: 10, Hojdy str., Uzhhorod or calling +38 (0312) 61 98 04 (cost of call is according to your carrier's rates) from 08:00 to 17:00 (GMT+2) not later than 5 days before the reception date.

Citizens personal reception
by the heads of JSC «COMINVESTBANK»:

PositionReception daysReception hours
Chairman of the Board The first and third Tuesday of each month from 16:00 to 17:00
First Deputy Chairman of the Board The first and third Wednesday of each month from 16:00 to 17:00
Deputy Chairman of the Board The first and third Thursday of each month from 16:00 to 17:00


The operating hours of the Bank's branches can be found by following the link Branches.

When pre-registering for a personal receptionthe the following data can be find out from customers:

  • surname, first and second names;
  • citizen residence place;
  • communication tool;
  • raised enquiry content;
  • which officials the client addressed to and what decision had been made on the raised issue.

Contacts and bank details


Memo for citizens appeals consideration

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