• Flexible solutions for businesses
  • Loan/credit line/overdraft
  • Minimal document package
  • Quick decision-making
  • Lending in UAH, EUR, and USD
  • Limit starting from 20,000 UAH
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  • Free funds work for you
  • Deposits in UAH, EUR, and USD
  • Free funds work for you
  • With the possibility of replenishment
  • With interest capitalization
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Salary projects

  • Savings on cashier work
  • Simplification of the accountant's work
  • Confidentiality of salary amounts
  • Payment without the employee's presence
  • No need to physically stand in line
  • Convenient payment by card
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Current account and cash service

  • For legal entities
  • For entrepreneurs
  • For self-employed person
  • Transparent tariff policy
  • Individual approach
  • No lunch break
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Internet Banking

  • Operational control over the status of accounts
  • 24/7 work
  • Receipt of account statements
  • Directory of counterparties
  • Exchange rates
  • Notifications
  • No software installation required
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