Salary projects

JSC «COMINVESTBANK» issues international payment cards MasterCard: Gold PayPass / Debit PayPass / Debit. Cards are issued for individual clients and groups through salary programs.

Currently JSC «COMINVESTBANK» provides salary projects to both budget and commercial structures.

Having a salary project with payment cards you receive the following benefits:

For organization:
  • free production and service;
  • no need to manage a cash unit;
  • no need to bear responsibility for storing significant amounts of cash;
  • less work for accountant – salary is paid to all employees with a single payment order;
  • no need to deposit salary for employees which are temporarily absent;
  • no need to order cash (for companies with large payroll);
  • you may transfer the funds in post-operating time;
  • no «traditional» line near the cash unit on the salary day;
  • the amounts of salaries are kept confidential.
For employee:
  • receive salary funds from outside your organization;
  • pay for goods or services in the retail chains in Ukraine and abroad;
  • receive travel funds while already on the road;
  • make additional cards to your account in the name of your family members or anyone else you wish;
  • it is possible to set a limit on withdrawals for your card or the additional cards;
  • it is possible to control your budget with a free monthly account statement;
  • no need to carry a «significant amount of money»;
  • a bank account is open for a payment card which may be used to receive money from another city by bank transfer with no risk and a minimum commission and without traditional transmission through third parties;
  • safely kept money – if lost or stolen only a plastic card gets lost – the money remains in the account;
  • around the clock access to information on the card account balance with the help of mobile telephones, by sending and receiving SMS – Mobile Banking system.


Further information: 10, Hojdy str., Uzhhorod, Ukraine 88000,
tel./fax: +380 (312) 61-98-13

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