The procedure to get access to the Internet Banking services

The Internet banking services provided to customers of the JSC «COMINVESTBANK», namely legal entities and private entrepreneurs, that use the bank's products and services and have an open bank account and agree to support an increased level of protection of the system.

To get the services you should:

  • have the remote banking services agreement and the additional agreement of using the Internet Banking system;
  • pay the connection services and providing the increased security system services;
  • get hardware data protection.

The next steps. You should:

  • sign up in the system by yourself absolutely;
  • generate digital signature keys of officials;
  • issue keys certificates and provide ones to the Bank.

The Bank enables and configures the customer account in the system within the next business day after receipt of the certificates.

For detailed information call the IT dpt: +38 (0312) 61 98 19 (cost of call is according to your carrier's rates)

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