As to using payment cards safety

As to using payment cards safety



for keeping in secret and never reveal to anyone your card details as following:

  • card PIN code;
  • CVV2/CVC2 code (3 digits on the card back side);
  • passwords received via SMS or e-mail message.

If somebody called you, anyway don't say the full card number, expiration date, your own passport data, id code, phone numbers etc., even if the person who called has been introduced himself as the Bank employee.

If you have called yourself only to the Bank or to the processing center, the operator can ask for a number of the card, agreement or account, a special password, identification data (name, birth date, passport data) for identifying your person.

Phones for communication with
UKRCARD processing center: +38(044)4942591 (cost of call is according to your carrier's rates), 0 800 300 045 (free within Ukraine)
payment cards department of the JSC «COMINVESTBANK»: +38(0312)61 98 11 (cost of call is according to your carrier's rates)

Recommendations to the payment cards holders from the National Bank of Ukraine


As to the UKRCARD payment cards security:

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