Everyone well knows the main rule of investing - don't put all funds in the same place and same «currency». That's why investment in precious metals is a popular type of investment nowadays (i.e. purchase of precious metals). This is especially true for buying bullions.

Most experts agree on the idea that buying precious metal bullions to preserve and increase their own savings is meaningful after calculating ones for the long-term investment only. Long-term investments justify themselves.

First, savings are protected against inflation, secondly, precious metals offer some benefit from rising prices on the world market (meaning the price dynamics for gold).

Thirdly, this is the most reliable «currency» for savings during financial crises times.

Банківські метали і монети title= Банківські метали і монети title=

JSC «COMINVESTBANK» offers bullion and coins of the highest quality standard 999,9 certified by the recognized world producers.

For more detailed information please contact the nearest regional Branch or call to the Bank's Head Office: +38 (0312) 61 98 16 (cost of call is according to your carrier's rates)

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