IntelExpress remittances

INTELEXPRESS is a worldwide money transfer system providing in more than 90 countries global with 57 000 locations. The company Intel Express is currently focused towards development of principal international corridors. It has already own service network in Greece, Georgia, UK and Italy. INTELEXPRESS users are able to make worldwide transfers through their own service points and partner network.

Name and location of INTELEXPRESS payment system organizations:

INTELEXPRESS system payment service provider: JSC Microfinance Organization «INTELEXPRESS»
Legal address: 0102, Tbilisi, D. Aghmashenebeli Ave. 89/24

Types of currencies for remittances:

  • US Dollars,
  • Euro.

The General Terms (Conditions) for the Remittances. Remittances Restrictions.

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Procedure for resolving disputes between participants and users of payment systems

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For more information on, INTELEXPRESS including MoneyGram service points, visit .

Current fees and commissions charged when remitting money via the «INTELEXPRESS» system:
Recepient country Remittance fee charged from the sender (% from remittance amount) Sender remittance currency
Albania 2 min 5 EUR EUR
Belgium 1,8 EUR
Bulgaria 1,8 min 5 EUR EUR
Bulgaria *  2 min 5 EUR EUR
Great Brittain 1 USD; EUR
Armenia 1 USD; EUR
Greece 1,5 USD; EUR
Georgia 1 USD; EUR
Denmark 1,5 USD; EUR
Israel 1,5 USD; EUR
Spain 1,8 EUR
Italy 1,8 EUR
Cyprus 1,5 USD; EUR
Moldova 1 USD; EUR
Nepal 1,5 min 5 USD USD
Netherlans 1,8 USD; EUR
Norway 1,8 USD; EUR
Romania 1,8 min 2 EUR EUR
USA 2 min 4 USD USD
Turkey 2 min 6 EUR/USD USD; EUR
Uzbekistan 1 USD; EUR
France 2 EUR
Czechia 1,5 USD; EUR
Switzerland 1,8 USD; EUR
Sweden 1,8 USD; EUR
Country The fee* 
Remittance amount (US Dollars, Euro) Remittance fee (US Dollars, Euro)
Sri Lanka
0,01-100 5
100,01-200 7
200,01-300 9
300,01-400 11
400,01-500 13
500,01-750 16
750,01-1000 22
1000,01-1250 25
1250,01-1500 30
1500,01-1750 35
1750,01-2000 40

For more detailed information please contact the nearest regional Branch or call to the Department of Administration and Control of Operations of Individuals: (0312) 61 98 14 (cost of call is according to your carrier's rates)

2  min 5 EUR

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