The international money transfer system Welsend (hereinafter - the Welsend system) has been established by JSB «UKRGASBANK» together with the technological partner of Financial Services Bureau LLC in 2013. Joint-stock company "COMINVESTBANK" is a direct participant of the Welsend international payment system.

Name and location of Welsend payment system organizations:

Payment organization of Welsend System: JSB UKRGASBANK 

Legal address: Ukraine, Kyiv, 03087, street Yerevan, 1 

Postal address: Ukraine, Kyiv, 01015, street Staronavodnicka, 19,21,23  

Customer support of the Welsend System 24/7/365: 

• 0 800309 000 (free of all phones) 

• 358 -short number from a mobile phone (paid) 

•044-494-46-50, 044-590-49-99 

Emailaddress for customer requests and suggestions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Welsend system allows both sending and receiving remittances. The Welsend system is presented on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. ou can find the Welsend system participants/partners following the Welsend site page, further go to the "Banks-Partners" tab, the Service points list can be found on the Welsend site page

Types of currencies for remittances:

  • UAH,
  • US Dollars,
  • Euro.

The Welsend system fee is paid by the remittance sender. Fee for sending a remittance depends on the amount and direction. You can find the commission and fee values both on the Welsend site page,at the «Fees» tab and on our site page

Reducing the fee values for sending a remittance can be achieved using the "client card", which the client receives upon accumulating the corresponding amount of sent remittances or when there is sending a remittance containing significant amount.

The Welsend system allows you to send transfers across Ukraine in hryvnias with payment in cash or using payment instruments. For implementing such a transfer, the customer should contact any Welsend System customer service point. The remittance is ready for payment at once (on-line) after its sending.

Ease of execution and immediacy (online) of making/receiving a fund transfer. Sending a cross-border transfer to a payment card with the conversion of foreign currency (US dollar, Euro) into hryvnia at the most favorable rate for the client. Fund transfer services without opening an account. Fund transfers from/to the user's account, including using payment instruments.

The sent Welsend system remittance is available for paying within 30 calendar days from the remittance sending day.

If you have questions about the Welsend System operates, call the Welsend Systems customer support number: tel. +38 044 494-46-50 (international communication, call cost is according to your carrier's rates) and tel. 0800-309-000 (free within Ukraine) and the Welsend System participant customer support number +38 0312 61-98-14 (cost of call is according to your carrier's rates).

For more information on Welsend, including Welsend service points, visit

For more detailed information please contact the nearest Branch.

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